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Living a widow in 1346. . " Adefonsustotius Hispanie imperator " donated property to the monastery of San Salvador de Oña with the consent of " uxoris mee Helisabeth regine " by charter dated 510, although this date is clearly incorrect. . Infante don juan de Castilla y León, son of enrique II "él de las Mercedes" King of Castile and León his wife Juana Manuel de Castilla Señora de Villena, Peñafiel y Escalona (Epila -Alcalá de Henares, bur Toledo Cathedral). . The accuracy of this statement is uncertain as, in the same passage, Sandoval states that the same source records the death in the same year " II Kal Jun " of " Sancius Rex filius Alfonsi Regis ". . The most photogenic places are the towns and villages; since you can drive (or bike) to all of them, there's no practical need to walk between them. " Garseas Rexcum uxore mea Munia domina " donated certain towns to Eslonza monastery by charter dated 13 Oct 913 160. . Pedro Aluares das Asturias e. Descendants of Infante don juan de castilla son of alfonsing of Castile: Se?ores de valencia de Campos Infante don juan de Castilla y Le?n, son of alfonso X "el Sabio" King of Castile his wife Infanta do?a Violante. However, either the year is incorrect or this entry refers to another " Urraca comitissa ". . M elvira de Eril, daughter of beltran de Eril his wife Magdalena de Falces. . " Adefonsus imperator Hispaniecum uxore mea Berengaria " donated " ecclesiam sancti Vincentii de Salamantica " to Cluny by charter dated, confirmed by " Sancius imperatoris major filius " 715. . However, Sandoval records that " la Reyna Doña Ines " died ccording to " las memorias del tumbo negro de Santiago " 479. .

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The Anales Toledanos record the death in Aug 1177 of la Reyna de Navarra, filla del Emperador 691. . Felipe III his wife had children:. Infante don manuel de Castilla y León, son of fernando III "el Santo" King of Castile and León his first wife Elisabeth von Hohenstaufen (Carrión de los Condes 1234-Peñafiel, bur Uclés, Santiago convent). . A later Abreviada (Continuator) of Ayalas Crónica de Juan I names Don Alfonso Enriquez, fijo del Maestre Don Fadrique, hermano del Conde Don Pedro, que es Almirante de la mar when recording his marriage 1288. . I) diego de Castilla y Sandoval (1364/66-). . He declared war against France in an attempt to save King Louis XVI, but this war ended by the Peace of Basel under which the island of Santo Domingo was ceded to France. . Fronildi Christique famula donated vinea in aditos de Kauia to San Pedro de Cardeñas, for the souls of domno meo Gundissalbo Fernandiz simulque comes seu et Sancio filio meo, by charter dated 6 Feb 984 259. He abdicated as King of Aragon and Castile e abdicated as Emperor The testament of don Carlos. Also known as Ferdinand de Ponthieu. . Munio his wife had one child: a)  NUÑO Núñez. . Infanta doña margarita francisca of Spain (Lerma -Madrid, bur El Escorial). " Raimunduscomes et Provincie marchio " donated property to Saint-Victor, Marseille by charter dated, also confirming donations by " Dulcis comitissa signed by " Alvira comitissa " 573. . He allied himself with the Berbers in 1009 to fight and depose Caliph Muhammad. . From a chonological point of view, no suitable Munio Fernández has been identified among the condes en Castilla and it appears more likely that Muniadomnas father was Munio Núñez. . The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names " Aldefonsus rex Castelle et Toliti " as son of " rex Sanctius " 730. .

at the archbishops palace in Toledo. . Adelantado Mayor of Murcia. " Symon comes Pontivi et Monstreoli etMaria comitissa dicte terre " granted " quatuor millaria alectiumannuatim " four thousand herrings a year to the nuns of Espaigne, at the request of " primogenite nostre. The Crónica del Rey Don Alfonso X names " doña Mayor Guillenfija de don Pedro Guzman " as mother of King Alfonso Xs daughter " doña Beatriz, que fué casada con el rey don Alfonso de Portugal " 1086. Blancas birth in 1190 appears inconsistent with the birth of her brother Fernando Fernandos birth makes 1189 improbable as well, unless Blanca was born very early in the year. . Pedro Ayres. Alfonso his wife had eight children:. Teresa Alvarez and earlier passage recording that " D Juan Alfonso " married ". Aldonza Alfonso de León (1212-1266, bur Cistercian monastery of Nuestra Señora de Nogales). . Betrothed (by proxy Caen, Abbey of Holy Trinity before 1069) to agathe de Normandie, daughter of williaing of England Duc de Normandie his wife Mathilde de Flandres (1064-before 1074, bur Bayeux Cathedral). .

" Garsias Ferdinandezcum coniuge mea Ava comitisa " founded the monastery of Infantado de Covarrubias, offering " filiamnostram Urracam " as a nun there, by charter dated 25 Dec 978, confirmed by " Sancio Garsea, Gundisalbo Garsea " 335. . Fadrique " and his wife " la Infanta. King Alfonso viii was the first king to bear the arms of Castile. . Infante don fernando de Castilla y León (Cuenca 1225, before 27 Mar-near Seville 1248, before 23 Nov). . Ii) ansur González (-after 23 May 932). . Mafalda Perez " 938. . Felipe V his second wife had seven children:. Aldara Lopez " 914. . Juan " as the son of " El Infante. The dating clause of a charter dated 1 Mar 931, under which Barbellas donated " terra ternales " to San Pedro annonce sugar baby metz de Cardeña, records.comite Guttier Nuniz in Burgos 203.

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The Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris records the marriage of King García and " his King Alfonso VII daughter Infanta Urraca whom he had fathered by Guntroda, the daughter of Pedro Asturiano " on in León 703. . Comes Fredinandus Gundisalviz cum uxore mea Sanzia comitissa et cum filiis meis Gundisalvus Fredinandi et Garsea Fredinandi et Sancio Fredinandi et Munio Fredinandi et domna Fronilde donated the monastery of San Miguel de Javilla to San Pedro de Cardeñas by charter dated 941 236. . M firstly (Salamanca ) Infanta dona maria de Portugal, daughter of JOO III King of Portugal his wife Katharina Archduchess of Austria (Coimbra - Valladolid, bur 1574 El Escorial). The Kings of Granada and Murcia declared themselves his vassals. . He left for France, but returned to Castile where he was given land. .  Her absence from their fathers testament dated would be explained by her already being married at the time. Szabolcs de Vajay records that he received a legacy in Duruelo from his brother Alfonso Fernández. see Chapter. . Alfonso his wife had one child: a) juan de Valencia. .

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Blanca " as the children of ". Luis his wife had three children: a) Infante don luis MARÍA de Borbón y Vallabriga (Cadalso de los Vidrios, Madrid -Madrid, bur Toledo Cathedral). . He succeeded in 1217 as alfonso IX King of Castile, by right of his second wife and son. . M firstly (by proxy Fontainebleau, in person Quintanapalla, near Burgos ) marie-louise d'Orléans, daughter of philippe de France Duc d'Orléans his first wife Henrietta Anne Pss of England and Scotland (Palais Royal, Paris -Madrid, bur El Escorial). Cerasio by charter dated 25 Oct 913 196. . Infante Alfonso had one illegitimate child by Mistress (4.